New version MegaMatcher Accelerator

MegaMatcher 2.0 Extended Accelerator can manage a database of 20 million fingerprints and conduct 1: N matching at a rate of 40 million fingerprints per second, working on an HP ProLiant DL360G6 with 64GB of RAM. MegaMatcher Extended Version Accelerator 2.0 is four times faster than the Throttle MegaMatcher 1.0.

The cheapest biometric access

The CA102 is device with fingerprint recognition for access control solution.
It is a robust product and elegant design that makes it the ideal solution for placement as access control solution in areas where space and aesthetics are important. The CA102 has a metal case and the cheaper cost of market self biometric access controls.

The most convenience T&A

The Virtual Terminal: easy and safety at reasonable cost.
It is no news having a time&attendence software installed to improve the performance of employees
What is news is doing so with a product that significantly improves existing applications. The Virtual Terminal is a product with elegant design, a usb device, which is the most established in the world: 95,000,000 of users and easy installation that defines this product as a plug & play.
Calculate the hours, overtime, entrances and exits after hours ... all in an easy and safe, are the contributions of the new Virtual Terminal of Enhora brand.


El Prat airport in Barcelona today added the ABC pilot Automatic Border Control System, a "pioneer" border control, according to Interior promise and Development, speed up the entry of citizens of the European Union (EU), is is a kind of ATM that confirms the identity of the passenger's fingerprints and the study of his face, provided that the passenger is a citizen of the EU, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, more than 18 years and a passport or ID card mail. Source: El País 13/05/2010

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